What foods are safe for cats?

Eating healthy is the key to good health, while you choose to eat healthy food; it becomes very important that you feed your pets as well with the food that only suits their body and that does not cause any adverse effects.

Feeding your cats with food that are suitable for them becomes very essential for them to have a long life. Cats can be fed with anything is a myth, so you need to know what can be given to them.

You can feed your cats with salmons. Salmons are very high on proteins and can make your cats become stronger. These are also included in the cat food available in the markets but salmons are better to be cooked before you let your cat binge on it as much as it wants to.

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The next on the list to treat your cats with is spinach, rich in vitamin A, spinach can be given to your cats if they love the taste of it, before you feed your cats with spinach, you can always consult the vet and get a recommendation if your cat does not have any kidney related issues. Feeding spinach may cause your cat to develop bladder stones in case if there are any kidney related problems.

Check http://ourfriends4ever.com to know how to take care of your cats and what does your cat loves to eat. These cats can become our friends 4 ever hence, you need to know what to feed them with. Feed your cats with eggs, eggs are also included in the food readily available for cat and these felines would love to have eggs. So, you can see if she falls in love with eggs like dogs. Rich in proteins, it can again be a rich source of vitamin A and be a part of the food your cats eat.