The famous Israel and Palestine Conflict

If you are an avid reader of history or even watch the news channel we see a famous conflict of countries. These include some major countries like India and Pakistan, North and South Korea, Cold War between U.SA and USSR but the most famous out of this is the Israel and Palestine conflict. Heading now for over years this conflict has taken a lot many lives and still there is no solution amongst the world leader for that. Israel, on the one hand, has reached the pinnacle of success by being one of the world largest dealer in Arms, Palestine, on the other hand, is going down and down in terms of economy, defence and everything.

There are articles which describe how people minds are manipulated to believe and support some particular group in such conflicts. Read Foundation for Defense of Democraices and you will see how groups are there which are letting people believe that Israel is doing a right thing. There were sympathies for the loss of life by Palestine who are the major causality in this war. This was changed entirely by some group as described in Foundation for Defense of Democracies and now what remains is the manipulated minds.

The war between Israel and Palestine requires an interference at world level wherein all countries need to come to some conclusion. The loss of life is no less than a massacre. Also, the demands sometimes feel genuine and can be tried to find a solution. Israel is having a heavy backing from U.S.A and as such, it becomes difficult to manipulate this country. U.S.A has always been a good ally to Israel and this is going to be in future as well. If people try to sympathize for Palestine then they would be manipulated to not think on that.