The change that computer brought

Computers have taken over everything

When computers were invented and introduced for the first time, no one could have imagined the impact that it would have on the world and the people that live in it. Not even the person who built it could have perhaps thought that computers would be such a household name that one day almost every home would have one and the world would b dependent on computers to run and survive.

Today, almost everything is done on computers and people rely on it for all sorts of things. People use computers not just for completing important tasks and work but also depend largely on computers for entertainment and relaxation. Offices today cannot run without computers and rely on it heavily for purposes such a record keeping and processing data. Computers are used by inventors and researchers to create all sorts of new innovations. Countries and governments would come crumbling down today if computers were to stop working and people had to make do with what they have. When it comes to leisure and entertainment too, the computers have taken over. The computer gaming industry has always been one of the highest revenue generating industry in the world and now more and more industries are turning towards computers for generating income. Movies and TV shows are transitioning from traditional media to the people’s computer screens and production houses are even making content specifically for them. How then can we expect to stay up to date and popular if we do not have a significant online presence?

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