Relevant Details about the Conference of Mark Dubowitz on the Israel Project

Most analysts believe that there would be a  lot of changes once the deadline for the Iran negotiation is reached. It appears that a double dynamic would set in. Mark Dubowitz is the Executive Director for the Foundation of Defense democracies .He has a lot of important information about the Israel Project. So he participated as a speaker in a conference. There he has mentioned a lot of details about the Israel conference.

What was discussed in the conference?

In the meeting he says that the position of Iran has improved a lot and their leverage certainly has increased. They have been able to store a lot of uranium. This has provided them with more assets with which they can trade in.

According to the International Sanctions Regime the dependence of US for uranium has decreased. However, the position of Iran continues to get stronger and the positions of the Western countries are getting lower. In the conference, Mark Dubowitz says that it is very important to prevent Iran from getting stronger every passing day.

In order to prevent Iran from becoming powerful it is essential to increase the strength of the hands of P5+1\. It is for this reason that a conference call was conducted by TIP on November 12th, 2014.

Who is Mark Dubowitz?

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is basically a think tank that is based in Washington. The main reason for the debate to be so charged up is because of the immense research of the reputed foundation.

This organization is basically a nonpartisan institute based in Washington DC. Here he leads very important projects. Some of these leading projects include the nonproliferation, the sanction and the Iran project.

He is well versed about democracy and has also written in some of the reputed journals like New York Times, The Washington Post. Bloomberg etc.