Lugano Diamonds & Your Options

Confused about which jewellery will suit you the best? Lugano Diamonds will solve the mystery.

For the Bride to Be

The D day is here! Whether the jewellery should be subtle or loud depends on your mood.

Subtle jewellery can compliment a well decorated bridal gown. Lugano Diamonds have a great collection of earrings a ring which will go with the elaborate dress.

While shopping for a wedding, always make sure that you buy the earrings and the ring together. This is to ensure that the design of your diamonds does not vary, either on the ears or on the ring.

On the other hand, if your bridal attire is light and not embellished well, then you can opt for a pair of prominent diamond earrings, a subtle diamond necklace and a Ring with a diamond of high Carat.

For Regular Wear

Lugano Diamonds have a huge range when it comes to regular usage of jewellery. You can opt for a lower Carat size, and buy specific designs for rings, necklace, brooch, earrings and bracelets.

Try to buy the ring, necklace and the earrings together as the designs will be in parity.

There is something for everyone!

You can choose to buy Lugano diamonds as pieces as well.

For men, try the Lugano diamonds range which has rings and studs, minus the bling and pomp. The jewellery for men is sober and can be worn on a regular basis.

Diamond jewellery can last for ages. It all depends on the maintenance.

Diamonds & Health

Apart from cheering up the person who wears the diamond, it is also said that diamonds can help in reducing the blood pressure. It is because of the stone getting in touch with the skin, and giving the optimum heat.

Diamond for happiness, diamond for eternity, Lugano diamonds forever!