Legal issues related to kratom

At present there are really very little things that have not passed through the scrutinizing arms of science. When a new invention is made, due care is taken to record all its pros and cons and make a conclusion about the validity of the invention made and the related facts that matter the most. Actually it is the curiosity of human mind that wants to relate the significance of every proposal made and relate it to the benefit of human race. Similar has been the issue for the ages old herb tree of, Mitragyna Speciosa that has got more negative against its unknown positive traits.


The dilemna

The herb that has been used as a medicine for the treatment of cough, opioid addiction and mood swings, now has been under continuous scientific checks. Those checks reveal no beneficial part of the herb that can be used as a medicine, instead it has got certain disadvantages in the form of side effects such as constipation, blood pressure and depressed respiration. Also its proven ability to substitute drugs speaks against its use too, making it an automatic choice for the users to discontinue its usage.

Due to this reason many knowledgeable nations of the world has restricted the use of this herb. The nations are – Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Denmark, Burma, Russia and Australia, who consider it as not safe to use for use by their citizens. But one fact opposes all this. The United States of America has allowed its citizens to use  as a medicine to treat their muscular pains relieving over 40 million Americans to help their cause. This is why some online portals like kratom  may find it easy to supply quality best Kratom with legitimate ways and supply it worldwide. But, the legal restrictions remain obstacles for its worldwide use