Founder of Lugano Diamonds – Moti Ferder

Lugano Diamonds is one of the world’s most eminent brands in diamond and the jewellery business. They expertise in creating the world’s most exclusive jewellery from the most inestimable diamonds. The Man behind this remarkable designs and accomplishment of Lugano diamonds is Moti Ferder.

More about Moti Ferder:  CEO and the Design Director Lugano Diamonds

Moti Ferder is jewellery adroit and has several years of experience into the Diamond industry. He started his career with gemmological training and slowly became an expert in the diamond cutting business.  Moti Ferder personally manages the creative aspect of the business and he acts as a primary interface between Lugano Diamonds and the gemmological laboratories worldwide.

Moti Ferder

Moti Ferder is one of the members at Lugano Diamonds who is the pilot when it comes to grading stones, assessing the jewellery and marketing each piece of jewellery through the right channel. He travels extensively and manages the operations of Lugano Diamonds throughout the world and carefully cogitates the global market and elects the best branding campaigns.

He also is a board member for the American film festival in the Orange County and he is religiously involved in philanthropy.

Idea of Lugano Diamonds

The idea of Lugano diamonds was solved by Moti by solving the universal problem that people have with jewellery industry which is shopping for jewellery is not a pleasant experience and that’s what he wanted to make better.

His thought process has been to bring new ideas through reverse engineering. He likes to disassemble something first and then analyze it and then get into the details for it. Ferder’s idea or philosophy in life is not to follow the path of others be the trailblazers in their own field and forge their own path.

Ferder is a big fan of Warren Buffet and feels he was a practical business leader. He inspired him the most as he feels he had the quality to understand his shortcomings and work on it.