Celebritynetworth: The guide to know how celebrities accumulate so much wealth

Celebrities receive royalty for their appearances which contribute to celebrity net worth. The most common reason of royalty these days is from games. Games modelled on celebrities and movie stars go on to become instant hit with the masses. For example, guitar legends Aerosmith earned more from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith game than any of their albums or concerts.


Celebrities have businesses too that they run apart from acting in movies, singing or just doing things that they do best. Some celebrities are geniuses when it comes to business and they are able to successfully take care of both professions simultaneously. Curtis Jackson is a fine example of a shrewd and clever businessman who also raps. You currently must be scratching your head, thinking who Curtis Jackson is and how come younever heard the name of this celebrity before. Well Curtis Jackson is actually the real name of “I got swag” singer 50 cents.


celebrity net worth


Investment in real estate

Celebrities love investing their wealth in real estate and infrastructural development because it almost always guarantees sizeable returns. It is not surprising to learn that California’s ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earned a bulk of his wealth not through his Terminator movie franchise or other such Hollywood blockbuster movies but through his investments in real estate development. He smartly used to invest his earnings from body-building competitions into real estate which helped to multiple and increase his fortune.

Collaborations with other artists

Collaborations between artists are a common trend these days and no one seems to be complaining because these collaborations ultimately give birth to some great music and songs. The artists too have been found to earn more through these collaborations than they generally do when they work alone. Take the example of Akon-he earned more through his collaborations with Lady Gaga than his singles and albums, according to celebritynetworth.