An overview on Foundation for Defense of Democracies

There are lots of policy making institutions all across the globe that are widely known for their take on various issues happening in their respective countries. FDD or Foundation for Defense of Democracies is one of them.

FDD is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank headquartered at Washington, D.C. It was founded in 2001, shortly after 9/11 happened by a group of policymakers and philanthropists. The institution plays a key role in making certain finance policies. The institution organises many events throughout the year. Some of them are briefings on Capitol Hill, book releases, and expert roundtables for military as well as public officials and diplomats. It also arranges various panel discussions and debates within the community.

mark dubowitz

The first and founding chairman of FDD was Jack Kemp and its current CEO is Mark Dubowitz. FDD is an institute with quite strong track record of changing researches into ideas and finally into actions. The institute is unique in combining different aspects together like policy research, counterterrorism and democracy education, investigative journalism. The institute has lot to contribute to the country’s policies. The work of FDD is extensively in the policy making community, media houses, etc.

Mark Dubowitz and his work

As told earlier, Mark Dubowitz is the CEO of FDD. Mark has the experience of working with former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama and is currently working with President Donald Trump.  He is widely recognised for his work. He has worked on International negotiations, sanctions and Iran’s nuclear program. He has also written for leading national daily like The New York Times, The Wall street Journal, The Atlantic, Forbes, The National Post, etc. He has also appeared on various news channels like BBC, Fox News, CNN, etc. He always been quite vocal about his take on Iran’s sanctions and other policies. While he is majorly appreciated for his work, he often gets criticised as well.